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The A340-500/-600 are market leaders in their class, both rein terms of aircraft sold and customers. Recent sales to SAA and Iberia confirm the market need for genuine long-Auswahl capability and reaffirm the importance of being able to operate efficiently with four-engined aircraft from hot and from high altitude airports. Electrician Bankstown

Built by Europe`s Astrium, Hot Bird 7 would have operated with up to 40 transponders in the Ku-Kapelle, a so-called superwidebeam and two steerable beams to fill the increasing demand for new services, including Internet and multimedia programming in addition to television and Radioapparat.

Airbus is very pleased with today`s announcement by Iberia that it has selected the A340-600 over the 777-300ER. This decision follows a long and intensive evaluation process as part of Iberia`s fleet renewal programme.

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The full-page newspaper advertisements for the A380, which is Zusammenstellung to go into service in 2006, Keimzelle today hinein the Nihon Keizai, the world`s biggest financial newspaper.

The objectives of this initial issue are to refinance existing debt and lengthen the maturity profile of the company’s debt, while benefiting from the currently attractive interest rates.

The comments, contained hinein a statement that welches issued ahead of the annual Nachrichtensendung conference of the German aerospace industry association, appeared to be the company`s most cautious to date on the outlook for 2003.

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``EADS and Northrop Grumman started the Euro Hawk initiative two-and-a-half years ago. We are proud to Teich how far this project has progressed since, and we are proud of our teams and their great work. Euro Hawk is fully supported by the U.

Indian Airlines and its subsidiary Alliance Air currently have a fleet of about 50 aircraft, of which about half are an ageing Zusammenstellung bekannter melodien of Boeing 737-200s and Airbus A-300s.

He said he was heartened by the Air Force plan to boost EELV funding and said it could "eliminate the financial losses both companies are incurring on this program."

Because the 10-tonne can deliver into orbit this contact form two different satellites at once, it can keep costs down.

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EADS has been hit hard by the downturn in the civil aerospace market following the September 11 attacks hinein the United States 17 months ago and faces more Ärger if a war erupts rein Iraq.

The new, as yet unnamed aircraft will be launched in 2004 and enter service around 2008, generally the same time frame that Boeing had outlined for the Sonic Cruiser, which would have cost more, although it promised to fly about 20 percent faster than today`s commercial fleet.

But she said the funds did not amount to a handout. Rather, it represented a market adjustment, given a massive contraction of the commercial launch business, which Boeing and Lockheed initially hoped would defray the costs of military launches.

While the public has yet to Tümpel the A380, mockups and illustrations show an enormous, veritable flying hotel. It features showers, crew Reste areas and sleek first-class accommodations for those World health organization pay the big ticket, evoking memories of legendary ocean-going vessels.

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